Stamping Machine

Stamping Machine
Model SP-C-100 SP-H-100
Body Type “C” Frame “H” Frame
Capacity 100 Tons
Table Size 200 * 400 mm 700 * 450 mm
Ram to table gap 300 mm
Cylinder Stock 70 mm 180 mm
Stroke Length Proxy Setting Dead Clearness 4mm
Punch to Pressure Plate MAX. : 40mm & MIN. : 4 mm
Power Pack Power operating, Double speed Pump.
Pump & Valve Rexroth, Yuken & Polyhydron, Denison
Operating System Push Button
Panel System Main power ON/OFF, motor NO/OFF, inching, One stroke, Emergency Stop
Electric Motor 10 HP (1440 RPM, B5, FLANGE MOUNTED)
Oil Tank Capacity 180 to 200 Liters (Approx.). 220 to 225 Liters (Approx.).