Angle Heel Milling

Angle Heel Milling
Model “C” Type
Angle Capacity 200*200*20 mm (Max.)
Cutting Length 700 mm
Depth of Cut 14 mm (Max.)
Width of Cut 28 mm (Max.)
Servo Motor Cutter Travel 1.5 Kw
Electric Motor Cutter Motor: 7.5 HP ; Hydraulic Motor: 3 HP ; Coolant Pump : 0.15 HP
Cutting Tips Standard Triangular Insert of 22 mm : One Round of 6 Raw
Cutter Revolving Speed Variable 400 to 1500 RPM
Operating Function
  • Angle Clamping : Hydraulic System
  • Travelling : Servo Drive
  • Cutter Head Travel: Linear Guide Way
Panel Board Desk Panel Type
HMI System – PLC Touch Screen Visual Graphics Display
Chips Collector Box Integrated in machine; Trolley Type
Operating System Logic Programmabel System with touch screen and push button.